Schedule a flocking here!

As we aim to make this school year flock-tastic, help support the Louisburg Elementary PTO by flocking someone's yard!  

  • You can flock or be flocked an unlimited amount of times!

  • Each flock stays for 24 hours in each yard!

  • Community boundaries are 223rd to 359th/State Line Road to New Lancaster Road.

  • Last day to order a flock is October 2nd. 

  • Did someone flock you? Pay to find out who!

  • You can remain anonymous or be a part of our "no fly zone".

Step 1

Support your Louisburg Elementary PTO and decide who you would like to flock! 

We also have the option to add your yard to our "no-fly zone".

Step 2

Fill out the correct form below based on your selection. Each form has the option and price point listed above it. 

If you wish to flock multiple addresses, you will need to submit each form separately.

Deadline to order a flock is October 2nd.

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Step 3

Drive by to see the flock and have a laugh with your friends!

If you get flocked, don't forget to post a picture of your family with your flock to show support for your schools to one of our social media pages!



to flock a yard for a

24 hour layover!


to flock a yard and

remain anonymous!


to have your yard

be a "no-fly zone"!

Thank you so much for your good humor and support of Louisburg Elementary School PTO

as we aim to make this school year flock-tastic!

Find out who flocked your yard!