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The Nomination Process  & What  to Expect as a Board Member

Can I nominate myself or just others?
You can nominate both! We do recommend, however, that you let anyone that you may be nominating know so in advance
How many meetings are there?
We have one general public PTO meeting each quarter that takes place at Rockville Elementary each month. The general meeting typically lasts about an hour, and includes our board members, as well as school district staff and parents. It is a great time to discuss and interact with the community. We also have one board members only meeting that takes place in a private room at Timbercreek in Louisburg each month. This is when most of the magic happens! It's our time to tag up as a board and discuss happenings behind the scenes. These typically last a couple hours, depending on the time of year and what all we have going on.
What is the voting process? 
Nominations begin for the new board April 8th and run until April 28th. This year's voting will take place online on April 28th and May 1st. Online voting information about each nominee will be requested via email including family photo, brief bio and how you want to make a difference on the board. The new board will be announced Wednesday, May 3rd on our social media platforms and website! 
When do we start? 
The new board members will be announced on May 3rd following the online voting, and we will meet for the first time in June to begin planning for the 2023-2024 school year. Our board President will be in contact with board members to schedule the first meeting. 

What are the responsibilities of board members?  

Our 2022-2023 board was well staffed with existing leadership who are now eager and excited to move into new leadership roles on the board! Below is a list of all open board positions, with a brief description. If you would like a copy of all our board positions with each position's responsibilities, download a copy below. 

Download a copy of all PTO board positions and their responsibilities here:

Nomination Form
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