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Broadmoor Elementary!

Cindy Apple, Broadmoor Principal and USD #416 parent, requested $600 for new recess and outdoor equipment for the Broadmoor students. The equipment purchased included outdoor games for our students like cornhole, ladder golf, ring toss, and much more! Congrats Cindy & BES Students, they're going to have fun activities with this new grant!!

RES Kindergarten!

Lauren Wiehe, PTO School Liaison and USD #416 parent, requested $451.50, on behalf of the Rockville Kindergarten teachers, for matching tees for Kindergarten field trips. Now all Kindergarten student will match, making it easy to see them in large groups! Congrats Lauren & RES Kindergarten Students! Have fun on your field trips!


USD #416 Elementary!

Elementary STEM Teacher, Abbie Davenport, requested $600 to purchase 8 Motion Stools for optional seating in the STEM classroom. This seating allows students to have the option to use a stool, chair, or stand while doing projects. Each student has STEM as a special 2 times a week, so all students will benefit all year! Congrats Abbie Davenport and USD #416 Elementary students!

RES Kindergarten!

Charlee Hamamy, RES Teacher, was granted $515 for new indoor recess manipulatives, on behalf of the kindergarten team. With winter, and also the extremely warm days, they had noticed the need for more manipulatives for indoor recess. When they have indoor recess all classes are out in the pod, so they need a lot of manipulatives and activities for student play. Congrats RES Kindergarten Staff & students!!


USD #416 Transportation!

Our LES PTO submitted a grant proposal of $225 to be used to purchase replacement sanitation supplies for all USD #416 Bus Drivers, including paper towels, kleenex, disinfecting wipes, trash bags, and microfiber rags. This grant was part of our 2023 American Education Week, supporting all USD teachers and staff!

Rockville Elementary!

Nicki Burkhead, Art Teacher at Rockville Elementary, requested $312 to provide a 24 interchangeable frames to showcase the students artwork in the RES Office! These frames will be able to switch out students artwork for years to come! Congrats Nicki & RES students & staff!!


Circle Grove Preschool!

Congrats to the students at Circle Grove, Miss Karen submitted a grant for $140 to purchase a variety of board games and cards that are age appropriate for preschool. The games will supplement our curriculum in the areas of counting, number recognition, matching, and turn taking. All students at Circle Grove will have access to these new items. Congratulations Karen and to Circle Grove students!

The Louisburg Elementary PTO Board wants to thank our local businesses and community for always supporting us, which ultimately is what allows us to give grants like these! 

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