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2021-2022 Community Grant Program

The LES PTO is happy to provide grant opportunities to the staff, students, parents, and community members of Circle Grove Preschool, Rockville Elementary School, and Broadmoor Elementary School. The LES PTO will begin accepting grant submissions on Monday, August 2nd, 2021. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis until the grant funds available for the 2021-2022 school year have been distributed. LES PTO would like to put approximately $6,250 back into our schools for this school year!

Proposals may be for projects, activities, books, equipment, exhibits, field trips, or anything that enhances the academic lives of children at one of the three Louisburg elementary schools. While preference is given to proposals that offer school-wide access to students, teachers and/or parents are also encouraged to submit grant requests that will benefit their individual classroom or grade level. Grant requests are accepted at any time between August 2nd of 2021 and May 1st of 2022, or until proceeds are used. 


The Louisburg Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (LES PTO) is supplying funds to support grant applications for the Louisburg elementary school community. Applications may come from students, staff, parents and community members.


Grant requests should align with the LES PTO bylaws, which include the following purpose (please note, grant applications do not need to align with all bylaws):

The purpose of this organization is to support the students, teachers, and families involved in the education of children attending Broadmoor Elementary School, Rockville Elementary School, and Circle Grove Preschool.

Grant Guidelines

All grant requests should be for programs, projects or materials that enhance one or more of the three Louisburg schools. Priority will be given to the grant applications that:

  1. Have a clear purpose.

  2. Address a specific need of the Louisburg elementary school community.

  3. Benefit a large number of Louisburg school students.

  4. Benefit a particular subgroup, special population, or address closing the achievement gap in the Louisburg elementary school community.

  5. Have no other avenue for funding (district, school, corporate, parent, etc.)


  1. Building a strong and positive school community that includes children, teachers, and parents

  2. Facilitating communication between parents and school

  3. Complementing the school day experience with things like field trips, arts programs, and playground equipment

  4. Annual enrichment activities such as Super Science Saturday, Marvelous Math Morning, and the International Dinner

  5. Providing on-going or multi-week enrichment programs such as chess club, Lego league, and a foreign language program

  6. Have matching funds from other sources

  7. Have letters of support for the project

  8. Are from a student


Qualifications and Eligibility

Any student, parent, teacher, staff, or community member who is served by the LES PTO may submit an application. A student application must be co-sponsored by a Louisburg elementary employee.

If the request is identical, or very similar to a previously funded project, prior success and ongoing need must be demonstrated.

For any application that proposes a project or intervention in a curriculum or in the classroom, a letter of support from the classroom teacher is required.

The LES PTO will obtain final approval from the related school principal.

Funding for staff time is discouraged.

Grants may be fully or partially funded, or not selected to be funded at the current time.

Grant Submission Process

Grants will be accepted at any time during the school year, August 2nd through May 1st. There are a few ways you can submit your application. Please email your completed form to:, apply online through the form below or place it in the LES PTO box in your school’s office. The application will be reviewed by the LES PTO Board and the Principal from the related elementary school. All grant applications that conform to the grant guidelines and submission instructions will be considered. Submitters will be contacted with the status of their application and the next steps required within two weeks of the submission.

Letters of support (if submitted) should be attached to the grant application, emailed to: or placed in the school’s PTO box with proper identification within a day or two of the grant submission. The apply online grant form allows you to upload these letters of support. School principals will be notified of any grant applications that affect their school. LES PTO will obtain a final sign off from the corresponding Principal prior to the grants vote of approval.

If approved by the LES PTO board and the corresponding principal:

  1. The person submitting the grant will be invited to the next general meeting of the LES PTO to give a brief talk about what their grant includes and how it will help the Louisburg Elementary School community.

  2. Then the members of the LES PTO board and all other members of the LES PTO who are present will be allowed to vote on the approval of the grant requested. The vote must have at least 15 members voting in the election and must win the vote with a majority rule. It is advised that the grant submitter invite and encourage supporters to attend the general meeting as the LES PTO Board does not have enough members for a winning vote.

  3. If the grant is approved, the treasurer will meet with the applicant to arrange grant fulfillment and a picture will be taken with the President to use for promotion on social media.

  4. Items purchased with LES PTO funds that remain after the grant has been completed will remain at Louisburg schools or returned to the LES PTO unless the LES PTO Board approves other arrangements.

  5. Accounting for the grant in the form of a final progress report, picture or letter is required and will be requested if not received. Failure to submit this may affect future funding eligibility.

Grant Application


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